Mintel’s Sarah Jindal Breaks Down 2023 Beauty Trends

Mintel’s Sarah Jindal Breaks Down 2023 Beauty Trends

3 major focuses are expected to highlight the year.

By Jamie Matusow, Editor-in-Chief01.05.23
In this exclusive interview with Beauty Packaging, Sarah Jindal, Senior Director of BCPH, Mintel, speaks about the global research firm’s latest beauty trend findings, including:
  • Beauty Rx: The medicalization of beauty is leading to more demand for proof behind claims, creating value through ingredient-led products and driving the market for synthetic natural ingredients.

  • Evolved Self-Care: Beauty is intended to be uplifting and can contribute to a post-pandemic sense of self-care that includes sexual wellness, the hormone journey and wellness for every life stage.

  • New Rules of Engagement: Brands should embrace disruption in the category to create new rules for engagement and building communities, allowing for more playfulness, experimentation and DIY.
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